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Rugby the Game of Heaven

Rugby is a free-flowing game that features a combination of strength, speed and strategy to move a ball into an opponent’s territory. Rugby is a full-contact sport yet players wear little-or no protective gear. Rugby evolved from football. Rugby was first found in 1823. During a game of football at rugby school England. Swindon Taxi. A 16 year old student William Webb Ellis, caught the ball and ran with it towards the opponent's goal line, rather than following the rules of the times of catching and kicking the ball only.

Thus the game of Rugby was born. Rugby is played between two teams. Each team starts the match with 15 players on the field and seven or eight substitutes. Players in a team are divided into eight forwards and seven backs. Rugby is being played in different parts of world. And Gloucester Rugby is a professional English rugby union club located in the West Country city of Gloucester.And this club was found in 1873. The club has no official nickname but are occasionally referred to as the 'Cherry and Whites' by supporters and the media in reference to the traditional hooped shirts worn by the team, Gloucester Rugby play homes matches at Kingsholm Stadium. The stadium has the capacity of 16,115 people. It’s a real fun to see the matches because they are really entertaining and lavish. And if you want a good taxi service for it and if you are searching for Swindon taxi. Kemble station can be proved as a better option for you. And if you are really interested to play it and you want a training campus. And if you are searching for a training campus.  And wants go for training and you are searching a camp. Gloucester Rugby Camps provide a professional environment for any young player to learn and develop their core rugby skills. Led by Terry Fanolua, Gloucester and Samoan International and our Community Coaches the camp will offer players of all abilities the opportunity to get the latest rugby. And if you want a conveyance to it and you are finding a Swindon taxi to the camp. You are finding such conveyance which can fulfill your requirements. Kemble station is comprised of best teams of drivers and conveyance. Kemble station is providing best rates along with the best services. Kemble station is having best drivers whom are holding best moral character. Kemble station works on the basic principle of punctuality and provide the customer best 24/7 services. Kemble station always work for customer benefit and provide them best rates. We know how much our customer money is important and so we provide them best rates of Swindon taxi.